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Apple To Disable Face ID After Third-Party Screen Replacement On iPhone 13

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

UPDATE 6/10/2022 - With the release of iOS 15.2, Face ID will no longer be disabled if the screen is replaced outside of Apple. We are leaving the original article here for information purposes.

With the release of the iPhone 13 and all of it's variants, Apple has once again taken steps to try and combat against the Right To Repair movement as well as third-party repair shops and consumers like you who want to choose where they can have their devices repaired.

As it currently stands, any screen replacement performed by anyone outside of Apple or Apple authorized repair centers will cause Face ID to be disabled on the iPhone 13 and all of it's variants. It has been shown that it doesn't matter if the screen used for the replacement is an authentic OEM Apple branded display or not.

This is similar to Apple's decision to cause a "Service" message to appear in the Battery Health section of the iPhone X and newer if the battery was replaced in a third party repair shop. Similarly, this is also similar to Apple's decision to cause a warning message to appear on the iPhone 11 and newer if the screen was replaced at a third party repair shop.

All of these measures are meant to discourage owners of Apple iPhones from repairing their devices with anyone outside of Apple. It is an attempt to monopolize the repair industry and to help encourage that everyone who buys an Apple iPhone to stay within the Apple ecosystem of not only their products and services, but also where it can be repaired.

Rest assured that the parts used during our repairs are of premium quality and function at the same quality and performance as original OEM parts. Our repairs are backed by a limited 90 day warranty and are performed by technicians with years of experience so you can be confident that your repair will be outstanding and match the quality of an Apple OEM repair.

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