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Apple's iPhone 11 and Newer Models To Display Warning Message If Original Display Isn't Detected.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Apple recently posted a new support document regarding third-party screen replacements on their iPhone 11 and newer models. If the phone detects that a third-party display has been installed on the phone, a warning message will appear that states, "Unable to verify this phone has a genuine Apple display.". This message will appear for 4 days after it first detects the non-Apple display where the message will then be moved to the Settings app.

The new message follows a recent decision by Apple to warn against third-party battery and screen replacements. We feel this is an attempt by Apple to keep repairs within their own ecosystem and to discourage third-party repair. We feel that you have a right to decide where you want your phone repaired and you should also be able to afford your repair. Apple's repair prices are often extremely high, even for phones that are 5+ years old. This is why we choose to remain non-Apple certified so we can set prices that most of our customers will be able to afford and be able to offer same day service.

Rest assured, the displays that we install at TechWizards are of excellent quality and perform just as well as a genuine Apple display. Because we can offer our customers several display options (OLED, LED, etc) we can be more accommodating and affordable compared to the Apple Store. We perform our repairs on-site, stock almost all parts for all models of the iPhone, and also perform same day service. All repairs are backed by a 90 day warranty.

Edited 7/23/2021 to include models iPhone 11 and newer.

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