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Terms & Warranty Policy

By using TechWizards of Blairsville's services, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our terms and warranty policy. Any warranty claim made will be determined at the sole discretion of TechWizards of Blairsville. The following outlines TechWizards of Blairsville's terms and warranty policy. All warranty claims that are not specifically covered in these terms will be determined on a case by case basis at the sole discretion of TechWizards of Blairsville. TechWizards of Blairsville reserves the right to modify these terms and warranty policy at any time.

1. While TechWizards of Blairsville will make no intentional effort to lose customer data unless specifically requested by the customer to do so, data loss is always a potential side effect of certain types of services or repairs. It is the nature of computers and electronics. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure their data is backed up prior to any service or repair performed by TechWizards of Blairsville. TechWizards of Blairsville will not be held liable in the event data loss occurs. 

2. TechWizards of Blairsville will always call the customer prior to ordering any hardware component as part of the repair. If the customer agrees to ordering the part to repair their device, but then changes their mind or ends the repair before it can be completed, the customer will be responsible for any shipping and/or restocking fees associated with returning their item. TechWizards of Blairsville will not be responsible for costs related to returning a customer's part or product.

3. The customer has a 30 day period to pickup their device after the date the repair was finished. TechWizards will place multiple calls during the course of the 30 days to remind the customer to pickup their device. If the device has not been picked up within 30 days and no arrangement has been made to pickup the device, TechWizards of Blairsville is unable to make contact with the customer, or the customer refuses to return calls, the customer's device will be considered abandoned. The customer's device and any associated accessories will become property of TechWizards of Blairsville to be sold, recycled, repurposed, or destroyed in an attempt to recover lost wages associated with the repair.

4. If a customer's heavily damaged device suffers unforeseen additional damage during the course of troubleshooting or repair, TechWizards of Blairsville will not be held liable for the additional damage. While TechWizards of Blairsville will make every possible attempt to prevent this from happening, some problems are unforeseen until the repair has already begun. Examples of this include laptop hinge screw mounts that are broken inside, only being held together by the screws keeping the laptop closed. Oftentimes, these screw mounts will simply fall apart once the laptop is opened for an unrelated repair. TechWizards will not be held responsible for this type of secondary damage.

5. TechWizards of Blairsville Ltd. Co. will provide a 90 day limited warranty for hardware and labor during any job that involved hardware replacement or repair of a customer's electronic product for the following circumstances:

          5a) The part used for the repair or replacement was defective. The term "defective" describes a part that does not perform in the way the manufacturer of said part intended for it to operate. This does not cover physical damages as a physically damaged part will not be used for the repair. TechWizards will inspect and test all parts prior to installation.

          5b)  Workmanship defects such as screens not properly adhered to their frames, screws missing, computer casings not completely snapped together, etc.

          5c)  Repeat failure of the same hardware originally replaced by TechWizards that occurred due to no fault of the customer but purely because of a defect with the part used or the workmanship.

Please note that any hardware warranty claim requires that we physically see the device in question. If distance is an issue, we can make arrangements for you to mail your device to us. We cannot provide warranty service or refunds for a device we have not physically inspected. Warranty repairs/refunds will not be made if the customer does not provide us their device in question.

6. TechWizards of Blairsville Ltd. Co. will provide a 30 day limited warranty for all software related repairs for the following circumstances:

          6a) A software problem that reoccurs after being deemed repaired by TechWizards and a fee was charged to the customer. The nature of the software problem must be the same as the original problem in order to be deemed warranty eligible.

7. TechWizards of Blairsville Ltd. Co. may make use of tamper-evident warranty stickers to verify warranty status for certain repairs. These stickers may be placed on or inside the devices of customers. Removal or alterations of these stickers will void any warranty associated with that repair. TechWizards of Blairsville may also document serial numbers, IMEI numbers, model numbers, part numbers, or any other identifiable information about a customer's product in order to verify warranty status.

8.  TechWizards of Blairsville Ltd. Co. will not provide warranty services for either hardware, software, or labor under the following circumstances:

          8a) The device has received additional damage since last leaving the store. This includes broken screen, liquid damage, drop damage, or any other form of physical damage that was not present when the device last left. TechWizards does not warranty broken screens at all under any circumstance. TechWizards will perform a multi-point final inspection on the customer's device prior to returning to the customer. Any remaining faults or defects will be discussed with the customer at the time they pickup their product. TechWizards recommends all customers to protect their investment with a quality tempered glass and protective case in the case of smartphones and tablets. With regard to all other hardware warranty claims, the hardware that was replaced or repaired cannot be visibly damaged in any way since last leaving the store.

          8b) The warranty claim is for a different repair or service than what was initially provided. For example, if a battery was replaced by TechWizards and two weeks later, the customer claims the screen seems to act differently or as a software example, if Google Chrome failed to open was the initial problem but now, a no Internet connection warranty claim is made by the customer. Because the two are not related, these services/repairs would not be warranty eligible. Any warranty claim must be the same scenario/fault as the initial problem.

          8c) The customer brings their own part to be installed by TechWizards. All parts and the labor to install them that were brought by the customer will not be warranty eligible.

          8d) If a tamper evident sticker was removed or altered.

          8e) If the customer decides to disassemble their device for any reason after it was repaired by TechWizards during the 90 day warranty period, these repairs will not be considered eligible for warranty.

          8f) If the customer has made a prior repair attempt themselves and has inadvertently caused damage to their device that they themselves are not aware of. An example of this is what is known as "long screw damage" for Apple iPhones. This damage occurs when the customer unwittingly screws the wrong screws into certain screw holes during reassembly of the iPhone. These incorrectly sized screws twist and cut into the logic board of the iPhone causing trace damage that leads to a wide array of problems. TechWizards is not responsible for this type of damage caused by the customer's prior repair attempt. Visible inspections to the device will be done first during the troubleshooting phase to try and identify any prior repair attempt or damage caused by the customer.

         8g) The device has been repaired at another business prior to making the warranty claim with us. In order to make a warranty claim on our repair, we must be the last company that worked on your device. For example, if you had a screen replacement with us and something happened to your new screen and you decided to take it to another business to have it repaired and then try to make a warranty claim on the screen you had replaced with us, this would not be warranty eligible because you did not let us inspect the device before you had the screen replaced by another business. This also includes technician damage caused by a technician from another company during a previous repair. TechWizards keeps records of all prior repairs and will not be held responsible for the damages caused by another technician at another repair business prior to coming to TechWizards.

9. Free Diagnosis Policy: While we do offer free troubleshooting, if the customer chooses to not repair their device after being given a quote, we do impose a $20 reassembly fee if the customer would like to have the device reassembled when returned back to them otherwise, the device will be returned to the customer disassembled for free as part of the free diagnosis policy. This fee is commonplace in the electronic device repair industry. The free diagnosis policy comes with the expectation that the customer actually wants TechWizards of Blairsville to perform the repair and not in the case of trying to gain a professional diagnosis in order to repair the device themselves or just casually trying to learn how much it would cost to fix something, but not actually serious about having it done. While we stand for Right To Repair and DIY repairs in general, we unfortunately do not have the man-power or time to dedicate to completely free troubleshooting for those who want to do the repair themselves or are just curious and have no intention to actually have a repair performed.


Troubleshooting devices can sometimes be a very lengthy process. Several hours can sometimes be put into troubleshooting alone. For example, if we spend 3 hours or more troubleshooting a single customer's device and then that customer decides they would not like to have the device repaired after receiving a quote to repair it, and then we spend another 30 min - 1 hour to reassemble their device completely for free, that's a combined 3.5-4 hours of time and labor that will go uncompensated. Imagine multiplying that by several customers in one given day. You can easily see how an entire day can be spent taking apart, troubleshooting, and reassembling devices completely for free. This is why we impose an industry standard $20 reassembly fee for our free troubleshooting policy. You will receive a 100% free diagnosis, but if you choose to not have it repaired and would like the device to be fully reassembled when returned to you, there will be a $20 fee for doing so. Otherwise, you will receive your broken device in a disassembled state for free as per our policy. In addition, we will waive any fees if the customer chooses to donate the broken/damaged item.

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